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 CTC is a process with five phases; our coalition is currently in Phase 3

About communities that care

What is CTC?
​CTC is a group of community members and key leaders working together to lower rates of youth problem behaviors like substance abuse, delinquency, school drop-out, violence, depression, and more.

​​How does CTC work?

CTC looks at risk factors for youth problem behaviors. Risk factors are variables that increase the chances of youth developing a problem behavior. In the same way that poor diet is a risk factor for heart disease, there are specific risk factors that contribute to youth problem behaviors. By identifying the biggest risk factors in our community, we can put programs in place that reduce those risk factors. ​

How can I help?

You can help by joining the CTC Community Board! Anyone is welcome to join, including youth (with parental consent). CTC is only a one to three hour per month commitment. You can also volunteer to help out at events without joining the CTC Community Board, or just share our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with friends and family. 

Learn more

CTC is an evidence-based model that is happening in communities around the country and internationally. You can find more information about the science behind CTC here



Coordinated by Dial Help

Coordinated by Dial Help

Coordinated by Dial Help


Our coalition is coordinated by staff from Dial Help, the only crisis center in the UP.


Coordinated by Dial Help

Coordinated by Dial Help


Funding for our coalition is provided by NorthCare Network.

UP-Wide Prevention

Coordinated by Dial Help

UP-Wide Prevention


We are part of UP Coalition Network, a group of all 14 CTC coalitions in the Upper Peninsula.